Pursuing an Online Education

If you are interested in furthering your studies through the Internet, but are doubtful whether it is a good idea to pursue an online education, then you need to read this article. There are a few important advantages to pursuing your education online as compared to studying at a “bricks and mortar” college. It lessens the risk of your professors judging you by your race, appearance, and sexuality. It also negates the unfair advantages of being loud and aggressive in a common classroom, and it allows you to save a lot of money while still getting a quality education.

As pessimistic and cynical as this thought may seem, let us face the fact that teachers are human beings, too. And as human beings, they are subject to the varied influences that other people all over the world experience. This means that no matter how students would like to believe that their work speaks for themselves, the truth remains that their race, sexuality, and appearance are major factors that also shape the perceptions and initial judgments of their teachers.

When you take up an online education, the risks of this happening to you are practically eliminated. Studying online allows you to learn and work without fear of bias in any form whatsoever, and you will be glad of the opportunity to be judged solely on the work you submit.

If you remember your early school days in a traditional school, you will likely remember that oftentimes, the students with the loudest voices, or the most assertive personalities, were the students who succeeded the most. It is just human nature for teachers to notice these kind of students more than the quiet ones.

However, this scenario will disappear once you take up an online education. Studying online will require equal participation from all students, so you will have an equal chance of achieving success in your studies.

There are lots of students who find it difficult to express their thoughts and opinions using verbal communication. These students would also benefit greatly from an online education, because by using instant messaging and email as forms of communication, they would now be able to express their thoughts exactly as they mean it, and not have to suffer the difficulties of trying to express themselves verbally.

As a last but very significant advantage, think of the savings when you take up an online education as compared to enrolling in a traditional college or university. If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a computer at home with an Internet connection. If so, then you already have 95% of what you need to pursue your studies. You will no longer have to travel back and forth from school, or spend for board and lodging in a dormitory. You will be able to get all the study materials you need online.


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