Hope Leadership Academy

In a world where competition is getting increasingly tougher and the race to become number one in all aspects of life getting sturdier, leadership qualities have become really essential to stand out from the crowd of normal people. To ensure that the kids of tomorrow become good leaders and take this world to a different level, several academies have opened up. Among them is the Hope Leadership Academy, also known as the HLA.

The Hope Leadership Academy or the HLA is a leadership academy with a lot of difference, as compared to other leadership academies. This is because as opposed to other leadership academies, which aim to mould an academically brilliant child into a fine leader, this academy is actually a teen shelter camp that takes in students who are or have been victims of violence, and shows them to learn from their past experiences so as to empower their kids and provide a source of hope. The model of youth development here is designed in such as way that kids don’t feel that they’re deprived of opportunities, but rather the HLA provides a positive work environment for the students, where their talent is recognized and appreciated.

The HLA provides training to the youth of today to develop a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence and skills which enable them to change themselves, their immediate surroundings and everything beyond. The HLA makes students think in an altogether different dimension, to provide peaceful solution for all the problems around them, and also encouraging their friends to do the same.

The HLA offers various courses to the students, which the students can take up depending upon their choice and aptitude. Poetry, Acting, Singing, Dancing and Rapping are the forms of art studies available here. The Technology training course offers to all those computer geek and enthusiasts courses such as office, web designing, computer hardware maintenance, computer programming, and a basic understanding of the components of each hardware and software.


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