Fun In Science

Science is all really fun like mixing chemicals and estimating the speed of car but these problems look boring to many students but they can have fun by imagining it in their own way. Nowadays imagination has been finished due to the type of education system we have right now. It is just marks but naturally, marks cannot define your future so, we should understand it and apply it in our lives and that is gonna make a difference between you and other people when you do it and others don’t. Once Thomas Edison said, “Tomorrow is my exam and a piece of paper cannot change my future”.

Einstein said that “Imagination is more important than thinking”. So, it means that we have to imagine science in our own way. We are like robots thinking in only one way as our system tells us to do and that is why we find science as boring. If we start to think in our own way like anyway just imagining it and solving it using our own mind without any guides then we will find the real fun that is wrapped inside science and once we find it then everything is no big deal. That is what other successful people like Einstein did who figured the gravity concept in a new way by thinking in his own way when he knew that Newton has previously told us but he never stopped and thought about every phenomenon in his own way and that is how he became a famous scientist.

So what we have to do is to think about every solution to the problem in our own way and then we will find fun and a whole new view of that problem, because there no such problem that exists in this world and has only one solution. A problem has always a lot of solutions even better and better. It is our life and we can think about the solution of any problem in our own way.

So Physiologically it is our mind that deals with the things differently from others and it can be easily controlled too. It can be tricked easily and that it is why many people believe that they were capable of this but listening to others made them do nothing. Many students will say that science is just difficult, math is just difficult but it is you who is gonna decide whether it is difficult or not. Nothing in this life is difficult and simple until you make it such. We don’t have to make things easy if they are difficult but instead we have to change our view of mind for it.


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